Eagle Globe & Anchor Necklace


Eagle Globe & Anchor Necklace - On hand and ready to ship

E.G.A. Necklace

Adorn her (or your lovely female self) with the most MOTO symbol representing American might, World Wide Service & nod to some gold ole Naval Traditions. An EGA necklace should be standard issue item for every female Marine, Marine wife, Marine mom or in extreme cases, your current girlfriend.

This necklace is very well made. It will be cherished long, long after we're 6 feet under.

Product Details
  • Solid 14K gold necklace on 18" of chain
  • Our chains are adjustable to 16" to give the wearer options to suit any neckline
  • Fastened with a sturdy lobster clasp

For custom inquiries or additional details, please email us at info@thejewelryrepublic.com

Chain Assembly

Every chain is made of 14K fine cut, cable chain that is lightweight and catches the light as it moves. Every chain features an extra round brilliant diamond set in a gold frame. Each chain is adjustable with an option to shorten the length by 2". We use high-quality lobster clasps to seal the deal.



Official Hobbyist of the USMC, License # 20158