Irish Claddagh ring for men and women with USMC beaded braclet.
March 09, 2021

What does the Irish Claddagh Represent?

The Irish Claddagh Ring has centuries of history, but today it symbolizes three things: Love, Loyalty and Friendship. In this post we discuss how that history and Irish-American US Navy Seal & true American hero Lt. Michael P. Murphy's story intersect.

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Navy SeaBee mens Ring in gold and silver
March 04, 2021

U.S. Navy SeaBees: Kick'n Ass Since WW2

U.S. Navy Construction Battalions, better known as the Seabees, were established in the middle of World War Two on March 5th of 1942. Known for the diverse set of skills and expertise, they are among the most remarkable units in the U.S. military. Read some history & Honor Your Journey® with SeaBee ring.

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