The Veterans Jeweler®

Honor Your Journey®

Whether you are looking for a the the perfect gold or silver jewelry item for yourself or someone else or you're designing a custom military signet ring . The Jewelry Republic team makes sure you only get what you need. Our company was created to design products for future legacies through stories told in military rings , fashion jewelry and amazing gems. Inspired by camaraderie, dedication, and the ultimate sacrifice made by many, The Jewelry Republic is here to inspire modern military heritage passed from one patriot to another.

We believe that each of you has a unique story worth sharing and we're going to help you tell it, one gem at a time. Since what you have done for your country has already topped what the rest will only dream of doing, we want to make your story is everlasting. To do this, we manufacture the finest gold, diamond, and gemstone jewelry for the most humble community to walk on earth, the Military Veteran community. 

Our story is as unique as our trademark. TJR is an American brand inspired by years of tours overseas by a jarhead protecting our nation's interests abroad. During 11 years of service (Cali, Asia, East Africa, Europe & Iraq) Greg, a Marine SSgt infantryman, was assigned to serve in Tanzania. The assignment was a source of inspiration and love. He met Emma, his future wife, and they decided to dedicate their affection to creating art that will last forever. The love of stones continues today-stronger and more elegant each day.

Our products are made from the best quality diamonds (VS, G color), gorgeous natural gemstones, and solid gold. Because your legacy is vital to our mission, we provide incredible service & pricing to you, our brother and sisters-in-arms.

We are THE VETERANS JEWELER®, owned & operated by a Veteran.

Because we are one of you, we understand what you need and what you aim for. Our duty is to make sure we deliver products that make you happy and that you can pass on. Unlike many of our competitors, we believe we are not selling a product; we are writing a story. Our joint endeavors in sacrificing and working hard to get here make one thing for sure: you will love and embrace our jewelry, especially our military signet rings. Of course, we will be as proud as you are because we're crafting your everlasting legacy. This is not some fancy sentence; it's an oath to our fellow warriors!

Since we're a proud member of the Veteran Community, we have to ensure that we do things right. Hence, we've followed our service's concept in providing top-manufacturing, drafting the most creative designing, and we've certified in diamonds, gems, and jewelry. Our mission is to serve with passion. Our vision is to advance the jewelry quality and offer value to our esteemed community. Our fantastic team's daily motive is to provide you the best designs and deliver products you will never let go of.

How we support our community:

We are always looking for ways to give back, and we've committed donations from our annual revenue to several Veteran charities. We are currently proud to support The Rosie Network, an organization that develops professional skills for our greatest asset: Mil-spouses. Additionally, we help Racing for Heroes, a Veteran non-profit whose mission is to end Veteran Suicide, a challenge so significant, we've made it our top community engagement priority. We were proud to be the first veteran-owned company to sponsor a crowd-funded NASCAR Team, racing for an issue we're so passionate about. Read the inspiring story here. 

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Semper Fi