Success is measured by the many, not the individual - See how we're supporting veterans

The Jewelry Republic is a synonym of what being part of the military community is all about. It makes us stronger and more dedicated. Thus, we've embraced the privilege of being part of a genuine yet diverse, hard-working yet fun, excellent group of service members of the United States of America.

Because giving back is what inspired us to start the Jewelry Republic, we are always seeking ways and means to help others. We consider it our duty to actively participate in fundraising events to continue to help more those who possess less. We consider it our obligation to participate in networking events because we bring better products to you through sharing ideas. Building on the habit of supporting others and reaching for help to others, we make our veteran's community better.  

We want to reach out and be there for all those serving under the most phenomenal coat of arms, the Red, White and Blue. Regardless if you are Active Duty / Military Veteran / Mil-Spouse / Dependent / First Responder or DOD supporter – and not in any particular order--we're always here for you. Taking care of each other is what makes us exultant. Yes, we know we are pleased to make military signet rings and Honor Your Journey. Still, we will never hesitate to volunteer, part-take, give and be there for others.


Our current brothers and sisters in arms, veteran-owned and operated companies are not our competitors; they are our extended family. Concurrently, we're actively seeking mil-spouses, military service members, and veterans as well as dependents to become entry sales representatives as part of our immediate family. A unique opportunity that will enable them to sell anywhere in the world, wherever the journey takes them. Since both the United States Military and Jewelry Republic are globally-moving and operating entities, we want to extend the same working opportunity to our future sales reps. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to join the Republic.


JTR is proactive when it comes to giving and partnering for charities and initiatives, just like it did with NASCAR's crowd-funded team to race for suicide prevention. As a pioneer in supporting Veteran Support Groups and Charities, we have voluntarily committed to donating a percentage of our sales to noble causes and helping those in need. Your support is critical in further increasing this support, so please follow us on Facebook  or Instagram . We're always keeping our customers happy with unique products and amazing discounts.

We're always seeking to educate ourselves and extend our support to Veteran Support Groups and Charities, so do not hesitate to let us know what you're all about. The Jewelry Republic will consider and review each organization's request and mission thoroughly, so if you've got something to share, feel free to contact us at

Veteran Owned Companies: if you want to further discuss cooperation and teaming up, please reach us through our professional LinkedIn network. We're always open to new ideas and partnerships so we can continue to serve together.