Crusader Ring - Womens


Crusader Ring - Womens - On hand and ready to ship

This ring is solid a 14k gold ring, it sits with a low profile, has a soft "matt" or not so shiny finish on the upper half, high polish inside and on the bottom.  The symbolism speaks for itself, the design is timeless and your ring is a guaranteed conversation starter. Although delicate, it's certainly durable enough to be passed down for several generations. I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of our free engraving service - just let us know when you order.

Product Details

  • Solid 14K gold design (not plated)
  • Available in ring sizes 4 through 10+ US.
  • On request, this ring can be quoted in 18K gold or Platinum
  • Item arrives in beautiful packaging & our life long thanks & warranty.

For custom inquiries or additional details, please add them to your order details or email us at