Custom Ring Series #2 - Sapphire Flower Set

Custom Ring Series #2 - Sapphire Flower Set

Custom Ring Series #2 - Sapphire Flower Set

Happy Monday! After a lovely Easter weekend, Spring is in the air and we wanted to share a floral inspired custom engagement ring set we made recently.

In this case, the guy was Dave and he worked with us to make a one-of-a-kind ring for his proposal. His girlfriend is a girly girl who loves flowers and bright colors. At the same time she would never want anything too old-fashioned so we collaborated on this very unique design featuring a large cobalt blue natural sapphire held in place with a flower head setting like a lotus blossom enveloping the gemstone. 

I think this is a perfect example of a non-diamond engagement ring that catches the eye with its bright color and generous size. Sapphires are typically less expensive than diamonds but are nonetheless a precious gem.  One of the big 4 - Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. 

Below you can see a photo of the 3D print. We share stages of production like this with our customers when making a custom piece in order to make them part of the production process. In case, you are wondering, we use a Formlabs 3D printer - we love Formlabs - just like us they are an industry disruptor. In this case its a piece of machinery we use daily. In a later post we'll share the lessons we've learned about capital expenditures on our entrepreneurial journey. 

3D printed custom flower engagement ring 

You'll notice in the featured image of the finished product that we added a slim ridge of milgrain detail around the bands. We're known for this kind of subtle detail. This was done by hand in-house and we feel like it really elevated the design. We also gave Dave a certificate from an independent 3rd party gem laboratory so he could feel confident in the authenticity of this beautiful sapphire. 

So how did this proposal go? In a very impressive moment of creativity Dave used magician's flash paper to unveil the ring....check out the gif he made for us below......Thanks for choosing us Dave - we loved making these and you remain our no.1 proposal story so far. Share your story below.

 Flash Paper Proposal

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