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"FREEAGLE" We threw everything but the galley sink at this ring. The scr...

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Eagle Globe & Anchor Necklace


E.G.A. Necklace Adorn her (or your lovely female self) with the most MOT...

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Polished Square - EGA Signet


The sharp angles & square frame around our beloved Eagle Globe &...

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Perfect Heart Necklace


Perfect Heart Necklace Be still my beating heart....we love it and so wi...

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"Lucky" This is truly a big f'n ring with big f'n opportunity. The middl...

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Diamond Bullhorn Pendant


Diamond Bullhorn Pendant Grab life by the diamond-studded horns. This ic...

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USMC Stamp When his girlfriend sees the framed letters "CMSU" stamped al...

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Customizable Disc Necklace


Customizable Disc Necklace Simply perfect. This gold circle can be engra...

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USN Swallow Ring Styled to respect a Sailors classic right of passage of...

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Morganite Gap Bangle


Morganite Gap Bangle Showcasing the natural soft peachy pink beauty of m...

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Black Diamond Round Stud Earrings


Black Diamond Round Stud Earrings Come over to the dark side with an ed...

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Star Necklace


Star Necklace "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at t...

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