Vet-Owned The Jewelry Republic Partners With Hunt-Garrett Racing and The Rosie Network

Vet-Owned The Jewelry Republic Partners With Hunt-Garrett Racing and The Rosie Network

Vet-Owned The Jewelry Republic Partners With Hunt-Garrett Racing and The Rosie Network

Crowdfunded NASCAR Xfinity Series Team Races to Combat Veteran Suicide

The Jewelry Republic announced today that it is officially teaming up with two Veteran Support Organization power houses, The Rosie Network and Hunt-Garrett Racing, a crowdfunded NASCAR Xfinity Series team that races to combat veteran suicide.  The Jewelry Republic is committed to bringing fine jewelry at affordable prices to Active Duty members, Veterans, First Responders, Dependants, Family and Supporters.

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A passion of The Jewelry Republic is to bring awareness by giving back to causes that have personally affected the owner and employees of the company. Partnerships with these two Veteran Support Organizations help to further its mission to support military Veterans and Spouses in the advancement of their careers and, ultimately, the quality of their lives with the prevention of suicide in the military community.

Greg Boudah, founder of The Jewelry Republic and a Marine Veteran said, “We’re inspired by our military community and the unique American character we all share to stand up for our beliefs and fight for what’s most important – in this case, raising awareness and funds to end Veteran suicide. Our business, product quality and values align with our customers and it shows.”

“To the Active Duty, Veterans, First Responders, our families, dependents and all of the supporters that have helped make this happen, This Is Our Car!” Charles Mund, Chief Operating Officer, declared. “It’s come together so well and we did it as a united front, for the right cause at the right time. You couldn’t ask for anything greater and more humbling to be a part of.”

“Rosie stands for the American Entrepreneurial Spirit this country was built on and we believe those who serve have earned the right to the American Dream of business ownership.” said Stephanie Brown, CEO and Founder of The Rosie Network.

Team driver Colin Garrett’s two brothers are both Active Duty Army, making Veteran, Active Duty, and military family issues personal to him. “Our Team is dedicated to preventing suicide in the military community and helping Veterans and military families live the American Dream they give so much to protect,” Garrett said. “The Jewelry Republic hires from within the military community, empowering military families to reach their own American Dream. They’re the perfect fit to join our mission and be featured on our car at Daytona. We’re excited to have them as part of the team!”


  • A big Thank you to The Jewelry Republic for bringing us in! We are very excited to be part of History.

    The Whitlow on

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