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The Jewelry Republic is Where Veterans Buy Jewelry® and is renowned around the military community for quality & craftsmanship in creating custom
Military, Family Crest & College Themed Rings.

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Marine Corps Ring The Jewelry Republic Army Paratrooper Ring

Our ARMY rings, NAVY Rings, USMC Rings & Air Force Rings are made of solid gold (14K, 18K) or sterling silver. You have shown that you are rare breed, dedicated to serving our great. Your uniqueness is what makes America proud of its sons and daughters. Our duty lies in the process of forging your story with fire & precious metal. Honor Your Journey® and create your military signet ring today and leave your mark for generations to come.

Navy Chief Ring The Jewelry Republic 10th Mountain Ring

Your Personalized Military Ring is all about your legacy. Regardless where you served, the process is SIMPLE. Just select a ring style & material then upload a picture of your Unit Logo, Squadron, Division, Branch of Service or even a Family Crest - whatever you want to honor. Finally, add your Call Sign, First/Last, Rank, Rate, MOS to the inside of the shank. Go for it! You deserve the best.

You can select your gold or silver fineness with a simple click because you decide what color and metal signify your character perfectly. Our military upbringing has made us appreciate the difference between the fellow services. Thats why we offer our expertise to tailor USMC MARSOC Rings, Army Special Forces Rings, Navy Seal Rings or any Military Signet Ring of your choice. Getting the job done right is our specialty.

The design process is simple and when completed you'll have a clear visual rendering of your design, ready for checkout. Please allow 1-2 weeks for fabrication & delivery. Remember, you can upload any image in any common format (.jpg, .png). Family Crest Rings, Police Department Rings or even a random image you want to proudly wear. Each order can include up to 12 letters. This engraving will add a deeper personal touch to your legend. The Jewelry Republic Warranties all its products For Free, For Life.


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Youre done, but we have a few more tips! Be sure to scroll through our site and read our blogs if you need more info about The Jewelry Republic our military signet rings and their symbolism. They date back thousands of years and continue to this day to Honor Your Journey®, you badass breed of warriors.

Military Jewelry, Why Are We The Best?

Attention to detail lead the way when designing your military signet rings. No jeweler in America personifies these values more than me. I served 12 years in the Marines, and have not loosened my pack on inch. Being The Jewelry Republic's founder, I turned my passion into service to others within our community. I will personally ensure that your heirloom will be materialized with your unique designs and our top-notch materials - correctly. This veteran-owned and operated company's mission is to ensure your complete satisfaction and braggin' rights in your community.

Our goal is to design and manufacture the finest jewelry and gemstone for the most incredible military veteran community in the world. We do so by integrating our hand-made expertise and finesse handling of raw materials. We know that your story as an Airman, Sailor, Soldier, and Marine requires perfection in telling. We have an out-and-out thought process to make sure your idea becomes a story people want to further explore.

Today, America's proudest citizens, YOU--its band of warriors, are the heart of allegiance. Choosing a road less traveled, you live a way of life that many people dream of. A form of life only a few get to live by. Through sacrifices and humble pride, you are a continuation of a breed projected to last forever. As such, your heroic deeds in life should be remembered most especially, and custom military rings are the ultimate resolve to Honor Your Journey®.

Celebrating your unit's Coat of Arms, your Family Crest and even your Masonic Values will serve as an inspiration to you and those around you. When the struggle is real, you have something to be proud of. Because you're special, you should also convey your story to the world. Whether you are an active army or a former Navy Seal, The Jewelry Republic honors your military adventure by teaming up with you to design your own custom military ring. The signet rings signify each individual's unique story and lay the foundation for a family legacy of service passed on from one generation to the next. Your deeds in life will be appreciated long after you have reached the pearly gates of heaven. Your illustrious legacy of life marked by your signet ring will inspire others to follow your path and achieve new heights.