The Meaning Of Veteran Support

The Meaning Of Veteran Support

The Meaning Of Veteran Support

At The Jewelry Republic we don't just lean on our own experiences, we seek to partner and develop relationships with the best in the business at providing those same beliefs to the community ts the most to us, Veterans, Active Duty and First Responders.

Pursuing an entrepreneurial track in a Fine Jewelry company is daunting. But when The Jewelry Republic was founded there were certain values we wanted to always keep at the forefront, surpassing any short term objectives. The thoughts of what are we doing, where are we going and how do we get there must always be discussed but what must never be forgotten, What Do We Stand For? Our values remain as prominent as the day of conception, We Must Strive To Give Back As Much As Those Who've Served Or Currently Serving.

Many companies use the Veteran community to add to their sales pitch and possible success within the community. They give discounts through second hand websites because they themselves can not begin to understand how to verify credentials or service but want to add you as customer. Not only do we know exactly how to verify, we all here at The Jewelry Republic currently serve, are Veterans of the United States Military or a dedicated Mil-spouse.

We absolutely love our collaborations with companies like The Rosie Network, founded by Military Spouse and Veteran entrepreneurs to EMPOWER, IMPACT and ADVOCATE on behalf of our nation’s service members and spouses seeking the American Dream of small business ownership. Or the wonderful Our American Dream Team, a NASCAR team dedicated to combating suicide in the military community and helping Veterans and military families live the American Dream.

We aren't just a Veteran owned and operated company, we are advocates through and through. Join us and stay tuned as we move forward in our fight against combating Military suicide and continue to bring awareness.

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