Navy SeaBee mens Ring in gold and silver

U.S. Navy SeaBees: Kick'n Ass Since WW2

U.S. Navy SeaBees: Kick'n Ass Since WW2

U.S. Navy Construction Battalions, better known as the Seabees, were established in the middle of World War Two on March 5th of 1942. Known for the diverse set of skills and expertise, they are among the most remarkable units in the U.S. military. They are unique and unlike most Navy units, they usually operate on land, yet their skills enable multiple other operations.

If you’ve ever been in the U.S. Military, chances are that you came across a camp, bridge or installation built by the SeaBees. Their work portfolio is so long and rich we decided to dedicate U.S. Navy Seabee Ring to mark their anniversary.

In World War Two, they were even considered a tactical component by the U.S. Marines because these hardcore Sailors were able to establish multiple types of advanced bases at unmatched speed and quality. They were able to support U.S. operations in the Pacific and were vital in building the infrastructure for the invasion of Okinawa.

The Seabees' skills were also in high demand in the European Theatre (it reminds us of the high demand for these fantastic Irish Claddagh Rings). They were essential in modifying and attaching guns in landing ships and craft. They were (and remain so) also crucial in setting up airstrips, camps, hospitals and radio stations to conduct operations throughout Europe.

Tales of Seabees continue after World War Two because they conducted classified operations like constructing America's footprint in the South Pole by building bases and camps in Antarctica. The impossible task was accomplished by the Navy’s Seabees (no wonder we decided to dedicate a full collection of Navy Rings to our Navy). They endured the freezing cold of the Arctic to build the foundation of what would become the United States Antarctic Program.

When it comes to fighting, the Seabees outmatch any enemy. They have proven themselves in operations from D-Day to the contemporary war on terrorism. Among many U.S. Navy’s and DOD medals, the Seabees have also earned a Medal of Honor. Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Marvin G. Shields, part of Seabee Team 1104, fought heroically at the Battle of Dong Xoai in Vietnam and was awarded the eminent medal for his conspicuous gallantry.

Marvin Glenn Shields

Inspired by a long tradition of supporting all arms in peacetime and under fire, the Seabees are a distinct group of men and women who make the U.S. Navy a tremendous force. The rugged warriors and craftsmen have fought and built around the globe. They’ve often been the first in and last out in many battles. The Seabees today still serve as an inspiration to veteran-owned companies like The Jewelry Republic.

We’ve dedicated our U.S. Navy Seabee Ring to their peerless dedication and perseverance in serving our nation. If you're a sailor, check our our various navy themed rings, begin with our highly sought after  U.S. Navy Freeagle Ring because why not? You or someone you know is a sailor and you/they deserve the best. These rings are so awesome and inspiring; some of our clients have nicknamed them "Freedom Rings".

U.S. Navy SeaBee Ring

US Navy SeaBee Ring with gold bee

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