555th Parachute Infantry Regiment - The Triple Nickles

555th Parachute Infantry Regiment - The Triple Nickles

555th Parachute Infantry Regiment - The Triple Nickles

Black History Month, is an excellent time of the year to remember countless African-Americans' outstanding contributions to building the most remarkable country in the world, the United States of America. While some have chosen to pass on these contributions orally, many Honor Their Journey® by creating a personalized ring. One thing is for sure, although they’ve contributed to all areas of life, African-Americans’ military contribution is amazingly inspiring and worth remembering with books & military rings. More notably, the tale of the “Triple Nickles” of the 555th Parachute Infantry Regiment remains a story worth passing on and marking with a Triple Nickles Military Ring inspired by a legendary airborne legacy.

Custom signet ring displaying US ARMY Triple Nickel logo

Towards the end of World War Two, a group of African-American trainees endured the humid Georgia summers and the cold winters at Fort Benning to become Paratroopers. It started with a group of 17 men of the original “Colored Test Platoon” who came from all walks of life with one purpose in mind: to prove to the world that they could become the best soldiers that America could count on. They are always facing discrimination in the country they are willing to die for. They paved the way for millions of black soldiers who would follow in the same footsteps. Back then, the discriminatory rules meant that the "Triple Nickles" officers' could not enter the Fort Benning Officers Club due to their color. Still, their persistence did not allow them to lose focus on their noble task. The NCO's and their families still had to sit in segregated areas of a movie theatre, but this served as a motivation to prove to others that this was fundamentally wrong.

Custom Men's Signet Rings are meant to pass on a legacy. So does our black enamel Triple Nickles Ring because it symbolizes growth and endurance, just like the 555 platoon rapidly grew to a company. The parachute over the 555 and its Airborne Wings symbolizes the brotherhood of the band of brothers united under one cause. The legendary story has served as an inspiration for decades. It is a reminder of the selfless service at its best.

The Airborne unit became a full battalion by the war’s end; however, due to some biased decision-making and the fact that the war was ending, they were never deployed, to their disappointment. The 555 would now face an adversary arguably even more dangerous than combat. 

“Smoke Jumpers” – the bravest of men

As the war ended, the 555 Parachute Infantry Regiment's men became the "Smoke Jumpers," literally jumping into flames along the woodlands of the West Coast of the United States. The Imperial Japanese Army had launched wind-borne balloon bombs from Japan to land along the Pacific Northwest cities and forests to raise hell in the towns and in the mountains. The pioneers of 555 were selected to conduct this difficult operation because of their airborne and demolition skills, which complemented their unique grit.

The “Smoke Jumpers” rose up to the task and fought bravely, from fighting forest fires to dismantling bombs in what-was a secret operation at the time. The African-American paratroopers spent the summer and the fall of 1945 jumping over 1200 times from California's woodlands to Oregon's mountains.


The Jewelry Republic found such inspiration in this story that we decided to design a ring that would honor the “Triple Nickles" exceptional sacrifice. The ring's color also signifies the "Smoke Jumpers" mission, eternalizing their untold story.

The men of the 555 Parachute Infantry Regiment came out victorious when the odds were against them. In her book "Courage Has No Color: The True Story of the Triple Nickles," Tanya Lee Stone has best signified the meaning of their courage. She states, "What is courage? What is strength? Perhaps being ready to fight for your nation even when your nation isn't ready to fight for you".

For Him:

Army rings are some of the coolest purchases you will ever make, so go ahead and order this Triple Nickles Ring or an affordable custom signet ring of your choice. They are designed to be worn with pride and style because they come with the following characteristics.

Gold Triple Nickle Ring

  • Custom made for you, 2 weeks or better to ship
  • Solid .925 sterling silver with black enamel.
  • Also available in 14k Yellow Gold
  • Available in ring sizes 9 through 15+ US.
  • Add any special size notes during check out. We will see them.
  • Item arrives in solid packaging, silver polishing cloth & our life long thanks
  • Free Engraving - just make a note at check out.

For Her:

Mark the Triple Nickles legacy and African-American History month with this brilliant Three Diamond Bar Necklace. This unique design inspired by the Triple Nickles 555 comes in:

  • Solid 14K gold necklace featuring 3 round 0.02ct diamonds for a total carat weight of 0.06 cts
  • Adjustable to 16"-18" chain
  • Fastened with a sturdy clasp
  • An additional eyeglass set 0.015ct diamond at the collarbone.
  • Diamond quality; G/H in color and VS2/SI1 in clarity

Gold Necklace for Black women

At the Jewelry Republic, we excel in customized jewelry, regardless if it is a one-of-a-kind gift for your loved one or an engraved signet ring. Whatever your choice, we live and breathe jewelry and we rock at it!


(*The “Triple Nickles" derived from the legendary 92nd Infantry (Buffalo) Division; therefore, the spelling derives from Old English.)

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