Good example of a US Army Paratrooper Ring. There are other  ARMY Special forces rings to create and design. Of course, a US NAVY signet ring or even a Air Force Signet ring would be great.

Personalized Military Signet Rings

Personalized Military Signet Rings

Keep the spirit (and our stories) alive.

Struggling to think of the perfect gift for the Veteran in your life? You are trying to think of the perfect way to say
I see you, and I appreciate you, but nothing feels right? Or maybe you yourself are a Veteran or active duty military personnel, and you are looking for a meaningful way to commemorate your service and sacrifice. A personalized military signet ring could be just the thing you are looking for.

What is a signet ring?

A signet ring refers to a ring specifically crafted for one individual, a ring so specialized, it could serve as that person’s authentic signature. It was commonplace for rulers and leaders in ancient Rome to have their own individual signet ring as it was often a symbol of power and authority. When official documents, letters, or decrees were made, the rulers and leaders would dip their rings into wax and press them down onto the page, leaving a deep imprint of their signet ring, essentially authenticating the document with their symbol. Thus, the signature was born.

Now in a day and time when handwritten signatures and even e-signatures prevail, the signet ring is no longer used for such a purpose. It has not lost all its meaning, though. Signet rings still exist today, though they are less common. Today, rather than kings and rulers, signet rings are most strongly associated with leaders in business and members of the military. They are no longer used to sign documents, but they still show a level of pride and authority. They are a unique distinction, setting the wearer apart as an individual of class and power.

Military signet rings show pride in one’s service, and the ability to customize the ring allows those who have served to show their specific branch, rank, and role in the military. Let’s look closer at the relationship between signet rings and each branch of the military.


Signet rings are designed and crafted for each individual, but a typical signet ring is engraved on the top and inner band. The top of the ring is often where an important symbol is engraved. For members of the U.S. Army, this symbol might be the Great Seal, pictured below.

United States army

The Great Seal was created as the official symbol of the United States in 1782 by Secretary of the Continental Congress, Charles Thomson. It is a symbol meant to encapsulate all that American stands for, and it is now the official symbol used by the U.S. State Department. This American symbol is still used the way signet rings were used thousands of years ago as all official U.S. State Department documents are signed with the Great Seal, making it a true American symbol.

Another symbol used by the army is the​ ​Seal of the Department of the Army.
US Emblem

The Seal of the Department of the Army is a good choice for an individual who wants his/her signet ring to specifically symbolize their service in the U.S. Army. The seal was originally created during the Revolutionary War, but in 1974, it received a few minor but much needed updates and was rereleased as the official emblem of the Army. The symbol features a sword, a bayonet, a cannon, the U.S. flag, and a scroll inscribed, “This We’ll Defend.”

Many individuals who serve in the Army are assigned to a specific division, such as the 101st Airborne Division. Having a ring bearing the symbol of his or her division is a great way to continue to carry the feeling of brotherhood and camaraderie everywhere they go. The symbol associated with the 101st Airborne Division is pictured below.

101st Airborne Ring

There are other symbols associated with the U.S. Army including symbols to represent U.S. National Guard and Army Reserves.

Navy and Navy Rings

Like the Army, the U.S. Navy has had a symbol since its creation after the Revolutionary War, but the modern-day seal was not established until 1951. Today, the official seal of the Navy shows an eagle flying in front of a battleship, its wings outstretched as if to protect the ship.

US Navy Ring

The Navy also uses a symbol similar to the Great Seal featuring an eagle with the flag on its chest, but rather than an olive branch and arrows in its talons, it holds an anchor. Traditional Navy colors of navy blue and gold are used and a rope and chain are incorporated in both.

US Navy siget ring

Some members of the U.S. Navy may prefer to have an image of their rate, ship or squadron engraved, or a symbol denoting a specific style like our vintage FREEAGLE ring or the Navy Sealsring, both pictured below.

FREEAGLE ringNavy Seal RingIt is also important to note that the Navy often utilizes unique symbols to denote rank and years of service. We can always include these details inside or on the ring, just add a note with your order.

Air Force Rings

All signet rings can bear a stone rather than a symbol, but this is most common among Air Force signet rings. Any gemstone can be used in the center, but blue stones such as blue zircon and fire blue seem to be the most popular.

However, Air Force members can, of course, utilize one of the Air Force’s symbols rather than gemstone in their signet ring. The most common symbol associated with the Air Force is the Air Force emblem pictured below.

US Air Force Signet Ring

The emblem is based on the symbol worn by Air Force members during World War II, and it is known today as the Arnold Wings for​ ​Henry “Hap” Arnold. After receiving personal instruction from the Wright brothers, Arnold became an instrumental force in World War II as a pilot and mentor. He served his country as an airman and rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel in 1931. He later went on to play a great role in the establishing of an aeronautic branch of the military, and in 1941, he was officially made chief of the newly created Army Air Forces. The Arnold Wings emblem continues to be a favorite among Air Force members as it pays tribute to the incredible man who helped make the Air Force a reality.

The Air Force also has an official seal, pictured below, that can be used in a signet ring.

US Air Force Personalized Jewerly

The Air Force seal depicts an eagle in flight, carrying a shield bearing the heraldic thunderbolt. Some variations of this design exist with only the eagle carrying the shield, or a combination of the emblem and the seal with the Arnold Wings and the shield. Like the Army and the Navy, there are specific divisions or commands within the Air Force, such as the Air Combat Command. Utilizing the symbol of the specific command the person served in is a great way to further personalize the signet ring. The symbol for the Air Combat Commandis pictured below.

USAF Jewelry

Marine Corps Ring

The Marines were first established in 1775 by the Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War. Their longstanding history and involvement in every U.S. war has cultivated a sense of great pride and tradition among Marines, and this is reflected in its imagery.

The USMC emblem depicted below is the most common image associated with the Marines.


The emblem depicts an eagle standing above a globe that overlays an anchor. The anchor represents the Marines first mission as landing men for the fleet during the Revolutionary War. The globe symbolizes the worldwide reach of the Marines, and represents the many Marines stationed internationally. In the eagle’s beak is a streamer that reads Semper Fidelis, the Latin motto of the Marines meaning “Always Faithful.”

The Marines are also split into divisions known as battalions. While there is a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie among all Marines, the bond within a battalion is especially strong as those individuals often serve side by side. An example of this is the 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, also known as the Wolf Pack. They even have a quote specifically associated with the battalion that reads: “The strength of the pack is the wolf, the strength of the wolf is the pack.”  The symbol used by the 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion is pictured below.

US MARINES Custom Ring
Honor Your Journey®

Although signet rings are no longer used as physical signatures, they can continue to be a signature piece that represents the individual in a unique and powerful way. Members of the military are some of the most honored and revered members of our society because of their bravery, selflessness, and sacrifice, and they are the perfect people to bear a signet ring today the way leaders of Rome once did. Show pride in your service and Honor Your Journey® with a customized military signet ring today.

Military signet rings can also make the perfect gift for the service men and women in your life; holidays, retirements or birthdays. Let them know you appreciate the role they have played in freedom, and honor them with a truly unique, personalized gift that will last for generations.

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