WW2 Valentine's Day Gift - A Sailors Girlfriend

WW2 Valentine's Day Gift - A Sailors Girlfriend

WW2 Valentine's Day Gift - A Sailors Girlfriend

Grandfathers Military Signet Ring

In his hometown of San Deigo, California, just outside Naval Base San Deigo, Wilson, intentionally missing his graduating ceremony of the class of 1942, secretly went to the U.S. NAVY recruiting station. He volunteered for a war everyone was talking about, and some were trying to avoid it. He had talked about joining the worlds best NAVY many times before. Yet, his father, proudly wearing his World War I military signet ring, told him he was too weak, like 'all of his generation.' That statement didn't settle well with him. It provided a motive to prove him wrong, and that was motivating enough.

As he walked back home, mixed with emotions of pride and uncertainty, he saw high school sweetheart, Janet. She was holding a bouquet while wearing her beautiful graduation gown. She seemed upset and wouldn't talk to him. Wilson knew he had dropped the ball not being there at their commencement ceremony. Catching up with her, she wanted to hear none of his excuses. He begged and pleaded, but nothing worked. He finally got on his knees and told her he was going to war. Janet, dropping her flowers and cap, started crying and instantly embraced him with passion. The anger she felt disappeared the moment she knew she was going to miss holding him around her arms.

At his farewell party, he was finishing his speech when he said, "Dad, we're gonna win the war, and Imma make sure Janet has something to remember me by." Janet, feeling proud of her soldier to be, gave him a pat on the back and a hug. They moved outside for an intimate moment but no one noticed since they were all focused on the cake and the beer. Slowly, whispering in her ear, he took her by surprise when he said, "Will you be my Valentine?" Stunned and amazed, she said yes, in the same way—sharing a unique moment in the most hearted way, locking their love in whispers and silence.

The Perfect Valentines Day Gift for her

As they spent their last sleepless night together, Wilson had one final surprise for Janet. Giving her one last kiss, he told her to close her eyes and turn around. As he slowly tied his symbolizing gift to her love, he made sure this necklace would lock her heart to him forever. Janet, amazed at her necklace, gave him the biggest kiss of his life and knew she had found someone extraordinary. Wilson left but left a lasting trace of thought hanging around Janet's beautiful neck.

Completing his 14 weeks of training, Wilson was assigned to fight the war in Pacific. Deploying around countries and cities he had never heard of; he used every opportunity to write to Janet. As the battles waged, he witnessed some of the worse human misery the world had seen in decades. Janet and the camaraderie were the only positive things about it because she was with him at all times, just like his buddies. Although they exchanged letters frequently, there were times when he wouldn't write for months. For Janet, these were times that the necklace was the only sign of love she had. For Wilson, rereading the letters served as an inspiring means to overcome any battle, in the rolling seas and in the soaking rain, no matter how difficult the fight.

Unlike many, Wilson was lucky to come back and married his Valentine. They grew old together, never letting go of the gold necklace that will serve as a window into the past. Their legacy lived for many generations passed on through the legendary stories and symbolized by the lovelock necklace.

This necklace was not just a marvelous piece of jewelry. But above all, it was a vivid living memory of romance, war, and partnership between an American patriot and a woman devoted to her man.

Quality That Lasts Generations

The same struggles persist today when America's Warriors like you are serving abroad to preserve peace at home. While you're stationed in a foreign land, your loved one remains at home and keeps the fireplace going. When the times are hard, you know that a small token of your love to her gives you the comfort you need. She knows you appreciate her because you've provided your Valentine with a sign that will last forever, just like your passion for each other.

Go ahead and purchase her a Lovelock Necklace of her own, created in 14k yellow gold and sterling silver, assembled on an adjustable 16" – 18" fine chain, and has 5 natural full-cut diamonds weighing .05ct. This great Valentine gift is offered to you with an incredible BUILT IN military discount because you deserve the best deals, and your loved one merits the most tremendous affection. And you know you're writing your own chronicles, so let this necklace be part of the story to serve as an inspiration for your descendants. Honor Your Journey®


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