Custom Ring with Military Discount

Custom Wedding Rings with a Military Discount - Why not?

Custom Wedding Rings with a Military Discount - Why not?

I want YOU to leverage your years of service & snag a military discount for your custom engagement ring.

If you're a military veteran who's ready to "pop the question" with a custom wedding ring you should leverage your years of service and get an exclusive military discount. Everyone wants capture the best deal & service on the market, by designing with with The Jewelry Republic, you're going to get that and more.  

After serving in the USMC for 11 years, I studied up and earned my GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate as a jewelry & diamond professional. Since earning my credentials, TJR has become the go to space Where Veterans Buy Jewelry®. My wife (who I met as a LCpl)  I own and operate a world class jewelry design studio whereby our team designs, 3D prints, casts & fabricates the most beautiful diamond & gemstone jewelry available to the market today.  Transitioning from the infantry (0313 - 3RD LAR BN) into the jewelry industry was a unique challenge to discuss on another day.

The process to create a custom design easier than you'd think:

  • Email me:
  • Show me examples of what you've seen & like
  • I'll ask for a deposit & get started designing
  • Using your ideas, I'll send CAD designs (example attached) and a price
  • You approve or revise.. we will talk it out, this is actually quite fun
  • We produce & send you your design with a lifetime warranty
  • You get married, post pics and start a new journey

At The Jewelry Republic, we love nothing more than to work closely with our fellow Veterans to make a one-of-a-kind Engagement ring or Wedding band that is truly original. Your story, your experiences and your special day are what drives us to bring the fine jewelry, only found at the bigger names brand stores, to you directly for a fraction of the price you'd pay at those other stores. We make the process simple and exciting, assisting in every way as you move forward into the next step of your life. With some of the best 3D CAD designers and craftsmen, The Jewelry Republic can create a one of a kind design with just your simple specifications and actually, send you a 3D printed copy so you can see it in your hand before you put it on his or hers finger.

Don't waste your time running around town trying to get haggled by companies who have no idea where you come from, your history or you legacy. We want to make this once in a lifetime experience that you won't forget and overly enjoyable in every step of the process.

These images below are a recent example of what you'd see after our email exchange. You'd see you version of the renderings below. If you're happy, we move forward. If you need a revision, we do it. We will rinse & repeat till you're happy.

custom wedding ring with military discount

3D design of custom ring with military discount

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